⏩ Fast and easy: 1 minute to fresh + delish 😍
Just add a can of diced tomatoes 🍅
For great salsa...
mix it up! 👍🏽

Combine 1 spoonful of RadSalsa⚡️ mix with 1 can of diced tomatoes to create your own fresh salsa 😋

Tasty - Super delicious 👅
Fast - Less than 60 seconds
Easy - No cooking or clean up
Boring - Bold new flavors 🔥

Make 8 containers of salsa for less than the cost of 3 at the store 🤑

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Made For Salsa Lovers ❤️

Love chips and salsa... like, more than just a friend? Us too, and we always want more... new flavors, interesting mix-ins, and, well, just plain more. It's why we started Rad⚡️ - simply more fresh, fast, and tasty salsa for everyone!

make your salsa
one of a kind🌵

Customize using different varieties of diced tomatoes: garlic, fire roasted, sweet onion, or one with chilies. Or, use fresh tomatoes from the market 🤤

Add mix-ins to amp up the flavor: hot sauce, beans, corn, avocado, chilies, onions. Never ending options 🌶

Chunky or smooth? Leave diced or do a quick pulse in the blender for restaurant style

stack of eight jars of salsa with rad spice pack in front
layer of yellow mexican nacho tortilla chips
extra salsa 🚨
Over 2x more

Each RadSalsa⚡️ pack makes 8 containers of salsa for less than the price of 3 at the store, including the cost of each can of tomatoes 🥫

Us: $1.86 per container + tomatoes 🍅
Them: $6.39+ per container 🥴

Eat more, get a great deal: Use code 🔓SAVEON3 for 10% off 3 packs+ 🤑

You + us = delish 😋
Free shipping on 2+ packs 🚛
goes with everything
For chips and...

Perfect for snacking with guacamole 🥑 or spicing up recipes 🥣

Use RadSalsa⚡️ mix to season chicken, add to enchiladas, liven up chili, spaghetti, or shrimp tacos. 🌮

Make it into tasty appetizers like fiesta corn, or cheesy queso dip 🧀 with our simple recipes

brazil nut tree in old growth rainforest from Pachama
Carbon neutral shipping
100% offset

We believe in doing the right thing and that means fast, free shipping - but in an environmentally conscience way. So we use Shopify Offset to neutralize all shipping emissions 💨

Offset works with Pachama supporting projects led by reforestation experts to make sure they are Verified Carbon Standard compliant 🌳

Taste Good, Do Good
Salsa impact

We believe in the power of food to nourish our bodies and spirits. A portion of every purchase is donated to World Central Kitchen who uses food to empower communities and strengthen economies. 🥰

WKC was rated a perfect score on its finance & accountability by Charity Navigator. 💎

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bowls of rad salsa mix and tomatoes with open cans of diced tomatoes
rad salsa mix with bowls and ramekins, tomatoes
About us
We ❤️ salsa

I eat salsa almost every day. Tired of the same old flavors and having to shop every time I had a craving, I had an idea! 🧠

Partnering with a US-based, FDA approved custom spice blending mill, I developed Rad⚡️ personally testing dozens of combinations

I hope my salsa mixes tap you into the joy of great food and friends 👫🏽 Happy snacking! - Cb

Real people, real reviews 😎


Tasted great and so easy to make!



Easy, delicious with so many possibilities



The garlic is yummy 😋😋😋



Great smokey flavor and comes together in literally seconds.